11 Starters

Fresh Spring Rolls Image
Fresh Spring Rolls

These Vietnamese spring rolls are a perfect, refreshing start to any Asian meal

30 minutes
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Cabbage and Tofu Wontons

Healthy, filling and quick - these wontons are great fried or steamed or boiled in soups

60 minutes
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Polenta Fingers

Grilled fingers made of polenta - this is a quick and easy snack or a light meal

45 minutes
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Quick Spring Rolls Image
Quick Spring Rolls

A quick appetiser or snack filled with carrots and bean sprouts

60 minutes
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Onion Pakoda Image
Onion Pakoda

Crispy, sweet and spicy onion fritters

30 minutes
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Gobi 65 (Wet) Image
Gobi 65 (Wet)

Spicy and finger-licking tasty, this is a popular dish in India, perfect as an appetiser or a side dish

60 minutes
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Gobi 65 (Dry) Image
Gobi 65 (Dry)

Crunchy, spicy and finger-licking tasty! A derivative of Chicken 65, this is a popular appetiser in India

45 minutes
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Fried Taro Image
Fried Taro

Taro or Colocasia is a root vegetable that is amazing in its own right, and can also be an excellent alternative to potatoes

30 minutes
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Easy Harvard Beets

Beets cooked in a sweet and sour sauce, can be served as a side or as dessert with ice-cream or yoghurt

30 minutes
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Bajji Image

Potatoes and other vegetables dipped in a chickpea batter and fried, this is the ultimate afternoon snack

30 minutes
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Chilli Cheese Toast Image
Chilli Cheese Toast

The cheat's pizza slice

15 minutes
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